*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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I am a family doctor in a small town who has been in practice for almost 25 years. I was deeply affected by my father?s death when he was 46. It was a sudden heart attack. I put a big emphasis on preventive medicine and feel very clear about obesity being at the root of the majority of the big ticket medical problems that are slowly killing this great country. Unrestrained bombardment of empty carbohydrates kills more people, ruins more lives and costs more money then smoking, alcoholism, cancer and drug abuse put together. So when I see obese teenagers walking around at the mall with a Mountain Dew in one hand and donut in the other I get sick with grief and anger. If they are with their family I see a generational problem. I have worked very hard to help people loose weight and get on the road to health. I have had group visits, dietary consults, and I have used every weight loss drug. I have recommended so many diet plans I have lost count. They have occasional success that often doesn't stick. I have regular visits for people preparing for gastric banding or bypass. I treat a lot of people with mental illness and obesity is a huge contributor to depression. Many of the medications that we use for mood issues contribute to obesity, compounding the problem. Even though I know all this and I have been preaching this for over 20 years, my weight kept rising. I was loosing the fight. My patients would ask, Doc, how can I loose weight? my answer had been I don't know, tell me whan you find out. At one point I was 35 lbs over weight. My blood sugar started to rise, I snored badly, and I was on blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux and sleep medication. I started on a diabetic medication that also helps to loose weight, and managed to loose 10 pounds but that was short lived. I looked in the mirror and said ?physician heal thy self?. I knew I had a problem and that I couldn't do it myself. What I could do is research. What is the plan with the best science behind it? What plan had the best behavioral modification system and had the best long-term end game. That when all was said and done you ate and lived in the healthiest way? The other very big piece was that it had to have a great support system, a system that worked in the real world, one that worked in my world, a world filled with stress pressure and time constraints. That is how I found take shape for life. I knew I would have to practice what I preach, so in May of 2011 I started the plan. It has been amazing ride. In 7 weeks I reached my goal. I lost 26 lbs and went back to my weight when I was married almost 28 years ago! My coach explained the basics to me. My wife Nancy didn't want to deal with me doing this by my self. She was a great help and to her surprise she also reached her goal! It is the real deal. I am not going back. The best thing is I can now offer the same helping hands to others.

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